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General Council Meeting 2017 – New York City

Hot, humid and very interesting. That is the shortest way to describe the convention that was held August 16-18 last in New York. The ICF is very happy that it was decided to team up with the Cremation Association of North America (CANA) 99th annual cremation convention. 

During the ICF General Council meeting Jerry Sullivan was re-elected as ICF President and the Annual Financial Report was discussed and approved. The Secretary-General gave his report regarding the activities of the Secretariat and the Executive Committee, that included the many contacts with national and local governments, the media and other international associations and societies.


General Council Meeting 2015 held in Stratford-upon-Avon

On 7th July last the International Cremation Federation held its General Council Meeting in charming Stratford-upon-Avon, Great Britain. The GCM formed part of the International Cremation & Burial Conference & Exhibition 2015, which successfully took place from 6th – 8th July. Delegates from all over the world joined together. Throughout the Conference, country reports were presented by ICF-delegates from Germany, Japan, Australia and the USA, regarding the local (new) developments in cremation and the national cremation culture. The presentations were enthusiastically received and provided an interesting insight into the differences in tradition, legislation, environmental requirements and culture.

The Conference was impressively well organised and offered a perfect combination of learning, informing, networking and socializing. The Executive Board would like to thank the organisers of ICBCE (The Cremation Society of Great Britain, The Federation of Burial & Cremation Authorities and The Association of Private Crematoria & Cemeteries) for this excellent organisation of the 2015 Conference.

During the General Council Meeting, many international topics were discussed and highlighted. The Executive Board is currently brainstorming concerning the future strategy. Times, technique, needs, and habits are changing rapidly and the ICF will have to continue to meet the current and future needs of the members.

The following members of the Executive Board were unanimously re-elected:

-              Mr Henry J. Keizer as Secretary-General       
-              Dr Rolf Lichtner as Vice-President
-              Mr Gabriele Righi as Vice-President
-              Mr Darryl Thomas as Vice-President
-              Mr Rick Powell as Vice-President

The Minutes of the last GCM of 22 November 2013 held in Paris were taken as approved and the Annual Financial Report 2013 was adopted.   

General Council Meeting 2013

The General Council Meeting was held on 22 November 2013 in Paris, France.

We are pleased that the Conference Management invited the ICF to hold her Council Meeting during the Funeraire Exhibition. Funeraire took place from Thursday 21 November till 23 November 2013, le Bourget, Paris, France.

General Council Meeting 2011

At the latest General Council Meeting – 4 July 2011 in the Grand Hotel in Bristol - the new Executive Committee of the ICF was elected. From left to right the members of the Executive Committee: Gabriele Righi (Vice President), Rolf Lichtner (Treasurer), Rick Powel (new member, Great Britain), Gerald Sullivan (President), Darryl Thomas (new member, Australia) en Henry Keizer (Secretary-General).


Conference in Australia brings many different cultures together

Close to 300 delegates from 15 different countries attended the Joint ACCA / ICF Conference, held in Sydney (Australia), 11th – 15th of October 2009. They were greeted by the excellent staff of the Australasian Cemeteries & Crematoria Association, that managed to present an excellent program.


ICF president Jerry Sullivan re-elected

At the General Council Meeting (2009) in Sydney Jerry Sullivan was re-elected as President of the International Cremation Federation. Jerry Sullivan was first elected President in 2005 at the ICF meeting in New York City. Sullivan is the President of the Cremation Society of Illinois and the international delegate of the Cremation Association of North America. Sullivan on his election: “I am very pleased that our members have given me their trust again. With the support of the other members of the Executive Committee, I am very much looking forward to my second term in office.”

General Council Meeting 2007

At the latest General Council Meeting - 12 november 2007 in the Hilton Newcastle Cateshead Hotel - the new Executive Comittee of the ICF was elected.

From left to right the members of the Executive Comittee: Gabriele Righi (Vice President), Duncan McCallum (Vice President Treasurer), Henry Keizer (Secretary-General), Peter MacLean (Vice President), Dr. Rolf Lichtner (Vice President) and sitting in the front Gerald Sullivan (President).

Past Congresses

The General Council is the main policy making organ of the Federation. It meets at least every two years or more often as determined by the Executive Committee. It determines the principal aspects of the Federation's work and is the forum in which voting takes place.

ICF General Council Meeting 2005

 The Joint ICF – CANA Convention 2005, with over 500 delegates, can truly be called a great success. The “Big Apple”, New York - the city that never sleeps - , proved to be everything it promised. Educational and social events provided the delegates with countless opportunities to take note of the cultural and historical differences between countries and exchange views with their peers.

During the ICF General Council Meeting the proposed new statutes, facilitating the new regional structure, were adopted unanimously. Mr. Gerald Sullivan was elected President and Mrs. Elisa Krcilek Vice-President.

The General Council decided to present Mr. Ulf Lagerström, president from 1997 to 2005, with the Honorary Membership of the ICF. At this occasion the Secretary-General praised Mr. Lagerström for his great commitment and dedication to the Federation during his presidency.

Opening by Ulf Lagerstrom





The opening of the General Council Meeting  by Mr. Ulf lagerström.

Conference audience









Conference audience returning from one  of the coffee breaks.    

Honorary membership of Ulf Lagerstrom


The Secretary-General, Mr. Henry J. Keizer,  presents the outgoing President, Mr. Ulf  Lagerström with the Honorary Membership of  the ICF.         

Executive Committee

The newly elected Executive Committee (from left to right): Peter MacLean, Henry Keizer, Gerald  Sullivan, Elisa Krcilek, Fok de Wit and Roger Arber.

Technical Committee




Members of the Technical Committee (from left to right): Dr. Ian Hussein, Nico Willemse, Fok de Wit and Alan Kroboth.

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